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Welcome to Cheltenham Camera Club!
The Club meets on Thursday evenings from September to May for a varied programme of high quality presentations and competitions.

Visitors, potential new members, photographers of all ages, interests and abilities are always welcome!

We are friendly and supportive and, as one of the oldest photographic clubs in the country, continue to encourage our many members to develop and improve their photography.

If you are interested in finding out what we are about, simply turn up at Holy Apostles Church Hall at 7:30pm on any Thursday
– there is just a £2 visitor’s fee – you will be made most welcome.

(Click on 'About Us' link above for more details and 'Programme' for what's on.)

Guy Edwardes
GYP 2016

Thank you for your entries, we hope to see you at the Award Ceremony and Exhibition!
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CISP 2016
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150 +1! Years of Photography in Cheltenham

Published by Cheltenham Camera Club
Capturing the Moment Year And A Day
Cheltenham was one of the first towns in the country to establish a professional photographic studio and has one of the oldest camera clubs. The book, marking the 150th anniversary of Cheltenham Camera Club, looks at how the nature of Cheltenham society influenced this development. We look at the history of photography in the town and its leading figures. The book outlines technological developments in photography and sets the photographic scene in Cheltenham into the wider social context, ending with a summary of photography in Cheltenham today.

Illustrated, 76 pages. 210 x 148 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9931482-0-0

£10 (to include postage and packing in UK)      Buy Now Using PayPal

or email us at

This is our second book celebrating our 150th Anniversary.

It is a collection of photographs taken in and around the town between 1st September 2013 and 1st September 2014 - ‘A Year and a Day’.

There are 356 photographs taken by 49 members of Cheltenham Camera Club and the assembled collection reflects the interests of our photographers in capturing the essence of Cheltenham throughout the year.

Illustrated, 82 pages. 250 x 200 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9931482-1-7

£14 (to include postage and packing in UK)     

Please email us at

Selection of our award winning images

Pedestrian by Richard Cherry, Midphot 2015 accepted.jpg by Richard Cherry Cutting Edge by Aleks Gjika- Accepted in Midphot 15 and Bristol Salon 15.jpg by aleks <b>Dream Land</b> by Aleks Gjika<br> 4 x FIAP Acceptances by aleks Pier fly past. by Dave Tait. RPS ribbon CISP. FIAP gold Ukraine. Salon gold Montenegro. 32 total acceptances. Four ribbons. by dave irving tait Going Surfing by Richard Cherry, Midphot 2015 accepted.jpg by Richard Cherry Gatekeeper Butterfly On Edible Peas by David Adamson accepted at MidPhot 2015,CISP and YPU.JPG by David Adamson Great Langdale By David Adamson, accepted at Beyond Group BPE exhibition.jpg by David Adamson MidPhot 2015 Acceptances Storm Force 10 by Graham Wakefield.jpg by graham wakefield <b>EDINBURGH FRINGE 3</b><br>David Ross
<br><br>Southampton Camera Club Certificate of Merit by des
Lightbox of recently uploaded images

Tulips, Gotherington.JPG by David Adamson Great Crested Grebe Nest Building, Pittville Lake.JPG by David Adamson Baby Spiders Dispersing, Gotherington (2).JPG by David Adamson Baby Spiders Dispersing, Gotherington (1).JPG by David Adamson Two Mice - Mark W.jpg by markw Hello - Mark W.jpg by markw Inverary, Scotland by admin Mexican Souvenir Salesman by admin Washday by admin
Capture our town to celebrate twinning!

(Extended until 3rd May, please try to enter as they don't have a huge number of images and we would like to support this).

To celebrate 60 years of twinning between the twin towns of Cheltenham and Annecy, a photo competition is being organised with the theme ‘I Present My Town’.

The Twinning Association is pleased to be running this in collaboration with Cheltenham Camera Club.

Participants can submit up to three photographs that will illustrate the theme: ‘I present my town’. This may be Cheltenham’s architecture, people, entertainment or environment. The photographs need to display an aspect of Cheltenham to the people of Annecy. There will be a cash prize of £100 for the first prize winner and hampers of local produce for the second and third prize winners. The competition opens on 1 March 2016 until 30 April 2016. Up to 30 images will be chosen and sent digitally to Annecy where the prints will be reproduced for an exhibition.

Full details:



A Tribute to Godfrey Bodenham

Recently we heard the sad news that Godfrey had died following an illness. Godfrey was not only a Cheltenham Camera Club member but had a long history in photography. Godfrey was born in the Stroud area and thus very familiar with the Cotswold countryside both its visual impact and history. As Godfrey was my Brother-in-law, we actually shared many holidays with our families and our favourites were the English countryside and the Swiss Alps. Both Godfrey and I enjoyed taking many landscape photographs in both of these locations and, although not necessarily ideal competition images, this did not prevent us from enjoying this style of photography. Godfrey also liked to take family photographs and some of these were successful competition pictures.

Godfrey 600px.jpg
Many years ago, Godfrey joined Stroud Camera Club and also served on their Committee in various roles. At that time, I was a member of Tewkesbury Camera Club but by 1991 Godfrey had moved to Cheltenham and joined me at Tewkesbury CC. Within a short time, Godfrey had joined the Committee and enthusiastically helped run the Club. He became Vice Chairman in 1994 and Chairman in 1996. He remained Chairman until the end of the 1999 season when the Club decided to fold due to falling membership which was common throughout the country at that time. Godfrey, myself and almost all of the remaining Tewkesbury members joined Cheltenham CC and were made very welcome. Within two years Godfrey was asked by the Chairman (David Christie) to fill an unplanned vacancy as Club Secretary (particularly with all his previous experience). The following season Godfrey volunteered to be Exhibition Secretary and with the forced transition from the Art Gallery to the Pump Room, there were many new problems to solve. Godfrey organised a skilled team of volunteers around him some of which are still supporting the current Exhibition Secretary. In 2005, Tony Parsons joined Godfrey and they acted as Joint Exhibition Secretaries for a further four seasons which this included the transition to All Saints.

Much of Godfrey’s recent photography was with Brian Bates and Norman Evans and in good weather they roamed the local hills and valleys. For inclement weather, they gathered in Brian’s spare room, closed the curtains and worked magic with the computer. These days became known as “Curtains Drawn”. On one visit to the countryside, Norman became entangled with an electric fence in an endeavour to get the image of the day which appealed to Godfrey’s sense of humour and uncontrollable laughter followed. Such incidents were often marked by Brian setting up a meths stove to make a “brew” for them all. Godfrey had a fount of knowledge on all things to do with nature – plants, birds, trees etc. and he produced a marvellous AV entitled “Trees”.

Over the years the Committee valued Godfrey’s sound advice on many matters concerning running the Club. Godfrey also offered helpful advice on photography to other Club members. The labels of the various posts held by Godfrey does not really tell the entire story. Godfrey was involved in supporting many other aspects of the Club including negotiations for the large wall screen we use at Holy Apostles. We will all miss Godfrey as a friend and the enormous contribution he made to Cheltenham Camera Club.

Dave Hyett

SESQUICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION 1865-2015 – a poem by Peter Wyton

The serving British Prime Minister, Viscount Palmerston,

Expired after a breakfast of port wine and mutton chops,

Charles Dickens survived a train crash at Staplehurst

And Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland first hit the shops.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson qualified as the first woman doctor,

William and Catherine Booth founded their Christian Mission,

Soon to be rebranded as the Salvation Army,

And Cheltenham’s amenities received a notable addition

In the form of the town’s first Photographic Society,

Scarcely a quarter of a century after those doughty pioneers,

Louis Daguerre and William Henry Fox Talbot

Set the artistic and scientific worlds by their ears,

Burning magnesium ribbon to create flashlight images.

What modernising   trailblazers they must have been,

Doctors Wilson and Abercrombie of our General Hospital,

Coalface conspirators of the darkroom scene,

Mixing up chemicals to create a light sensitive

Solution to be coated onto a glass plate,

Innovators in a process comprehended

By only a few, but which would precipitate

A whole century and a half of discoveries

In which your members have played their full part.

Think of all those posed Victorian groupings,

Glowering Dundreary whiskered gents. Smart,

Uniformly unsmiling womenfolk, bolt upright

In bombazine, on uncomfortable chairs,

Or their lower class agricultural equivalents,


Self-conscious, smocked farm hands with unblinking stares.

Some of your earlier practises, of course, have lapsed.

Victorian males and females of your august society

Made use of segregated darkrooms, in different buildings,

To eliminate the possibility of any undue impropriety!

Subsequently, more liberal Edwardians, relaxed at the seaside,

Posed beside saucy mill girls with Kiss-Me-Quick hats. Sturdy

Soldiers, in uniform, affably obeyed orders

To ‘Smile for the cameraman’ or ‘Watch the birdie.’

Your notabilities are legendary, confectioner Krier,

Eric Franks, what a roll call there has been

From Van Wadenoyen to stalwarts like Wendy and Jean.

The box brownie. Kodachrome. Polaroid. Cell phones.

You and your predecessors have seen the lot.

Congratulations. Let’s hear it for

The Cheltenham Camera Club. Give it all you’ve got!


Blue Look of Hope - Peter Wyton

The poem below about the doomed polar exploration, was written when I did some work, many years ago, for the outreach department of the current museum & art gallery's predecessor. In fact, a copy of it hung for some time in the 'Wilson room'. 

Regards, Peter Wyton



‘His eyes have a comfortable blue look of hope and his mind is peaceful…..’

( From a letter by Robert Falcon Scott, written beside his dying friend and chief scientific officer, Dr. E.A.Wilson, of Cheltenham, in their tent on the Great Ice Barrier, March 1912.)

Beyond pain, beyond numbness, beyond regret,
There is a waiting room, furnished to your taste.
More gallery than antechamber, in this instance.
Walls overloaded with South Atlantic icescapes.
Silhouettes and cherished family photographs
Lining the mantelpiece to make you feel at home.
Every available bureau and flat surface
Exhibiting its treasure-trove of sketch pads, jotters.

Take a little time to inspect this memorabilia.
Revisit the Cheltenham of your childhood.
Montpellier Parade. Strollers on broad pavements.
Canopy of foliage bordering the Promenade.
Orderly procession of carriages. Mounted gentry.
The sprawling fifteenth-century Gothic façade
Of your old College. Favourite vantage points.
Cleeve Hill. Birdlip. Shurdington. Crickley.

Youthful powers of observation are evident.
Wild and domestic animal studies at The Crippetts.
Blarney Castle. Cocklewomen at Kidwelly.
Art materials are to hand. You may wish
To undertake a spot of unfinished business.
More shadow on those Gloucester cathedral pillars.
A pencil stroke to define a barn owl’s beak.
Some stippling on the privet hawk-moth caterpillar.

All that is painterly in you, however,
Shines brightest in your Antarctic masterpieces.
Mathematically precise shorelines. Emperor penguins.
The wash of blue distinguishing an ancient iceberg.
That galling flagstaff at the Pole, Fram’s pennant fluttering.
Now that the blizzard’s fury is irrelevant,
Relax. Indulge yourself. Think of a subject.
Listen. There are larks above Leckhampton.

Cheltenham Arts Council – Perspectives Magazine – Spring 2016

Since 1992 the Cheltenham Arts Council annual awards have recognised outstanding contributions to the arts in Cheltenham made by members of affiliated societies. Cheltenham Arts Council continues to make an award and support the Cheltenham Camera Club with the Gloucestershire Young Photographer of the Year competition. The 2016 GYP competition is now underway and open to all Glos school pupils with entries closing Saturday 19 March.

The Spring edition of Perspectives features the winning entries from the Young Photographer of the Year 2015. Also featured inside the magazine front cover are two photographs by Cheltenham Camera Club members David Adamson and Colin Harrison and finally, a feature on the winner of the Joyner Cup in 2015, which was awarded to Linda Kirkhope for her outstanding contribution to the Cheltenham Camera Club.

Link to online version of Perspectives:

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Len Shood Archive

10th September 2015 The Deviant Mind — Ian Monroe
3rd September 2015 First meeting of a new season, Welcome Evening
30th May 2015 CCC visit to Edinburgh
9th May 2015 Annual Exhibition and 150th Anniversary Lecture
30th April 2015 Final Round Aggregate — Open PDIs judged by Peter Clark
18th April 2015 Club celebratory outing to Raglan Castle
16th April 2015 City Light, a talk illustrated with prints by Dave Butcher
9th April 2015 Aggregate Competition Heat 4, Open Prints judged by Chris Palmer
26th March 2015 Mike Lane’s Latest Wildlife Images
19th March 2015 Children in Fashion and Advertising with Fiona Senior
12th March 2015 The Eric Franks and Jean Krier Competitions
5th March 2015 Interclub Battle, Cheltenham v Cheltenham
26th February 2015 Print Appreciation Evening
19th February 2015 Aggregate Round 3 Print 'Feathers' - Judged by Ralph Snook
12th February 2015 Bryn Griffiths, Hasselblad Master Photographer
5th February 2015 Aggregate Round 3 PDI 'Reflections' - Judged by Pete McCloskey
29th January 2015 Harry Sedgwick Memorial Competition 'Architecture' - Judged by Dave Johnston
22nd January 2015 Showing of CISP 2014 images
15th January 2015 Travel Photography by Michael Freeman
8th January 2015 'Capturing the Moment' at the Parabola Arts Centre

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InFocus Newsletter Archive

Issue 138: 2015 September Lightroom CC, Studio Photography Course, Monochrome Printing and Print presentation, 150th events
Issue 137: 1865 January The Photographic Society; Making a Photograph; Purchasing a Camera; A Method for Photomicrographs by Dr E. T. Wilson; Letters
Issue 136: 2014 October Godfrey Outram, 1934-2014; External Competitions; Update on Plug-Ins; Are you a Constable or a Turner?; Rule Changes
Issue 135: 2014 April OnOne & Adobe Creative Suite, Histograms and RAW files, What makes Colin Harrison Click, Breaking the Rule - thoughts on Composition
Issue 134: 2014 January Honorary Life Membership - Martin Fry, Olympus day with Gifford's Circus, Sandy Fothergill, John Cook, Corrupted memory card?, Focus stacking with a tablet
Issue 133: 2013 September 1st CISP, Competition Software, Ewa & Peter Makas and Richard Cherry, Honorary Life Membership - Martin Fry, Life in a Competitive World by Ian Gee
Issue 132: 2013 April Adding a Keyline, Soft Proofing, Jane Borland and Graham Hodgkiss, Private Lives, Ghosts and Shadows, Morgan Outing
Issue 131: 2012 December Tewkesbury School, Janice Clark, Archie Douglas, Creative Course, Topaz & Nik, Photoshop in the 1850's?
Issue 130: 2012 September Cheltenham International Salon, Chairman's Medal, Liverpool Cathedral, Making Cards, New Logo, Lightroom
Issue 129: 2012 April Founder E.T. Wilson; My Journey; Making 'The Mystic'; Nature Photography; Depth of Field; CCC at the Mayor's Parlour
Issue 128: 2012 January Brain Swinyard Award; Layers; Adding Text; Guy Edwardes Review
Issue 127: 2011 September Lundy Trip; Digital Dabblings - HDR; Micro Adjustment; The wider world
Issue 126: 2011 April Street Photography; Royal Visit; Showing Off; Copyright
Issue 125: 2011 January 150th Anniversary plans; Photography and the law; Keywords; David Christie tribute
Issue 124: September 2010 Preserving the past; Our Archivist; Using the Web Galleries; Clogged Nozzles
Issue 123: 2010 April Converting to Infra Red; Fred Wall tribute; Colour Management; Fibonacci deconstructed; The way we were.
Issue 122: 2009 December Cyril Bint tribute; Calibration and colour management; iPhone apps; Club competitions precis
Issue 121: 2009 September Lightroom 2, CS4 and Elements 7; Back Button Focusing, New FIAP rules
Issue 120: 2009 April Memory test; Jack Stephens tribute; Competition changes; Raw files
Issue 119: 2008 December Image Stabilisation; Public photography and the police; Updating your camera?; Black and White Printing
Issue 118: 2008 September Profile converting; Digital projection; Making the print; Dynamic range explained
Issue 117: 2008 April Annual Exhibition report; Scanning; Letters and distinctions explained; Canon 40D - worth it?
Issue 116: 2007 December The lighthouse of Cordouan; Wendy and Godfrey Outram Arts Council Award; CS3
Issue 115: 2007 August Backups; Exhibition move; Sikkim & Bhutan; DIG info
Issue 114: 2007 April Judges; Selective focus; Photomatix;
Issue 113: 2006 December Woodchester Mansion; Looking towards 2015;

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